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Garden City’s Reliable Garage Renovation Company

Hello Garage of Boise is Garden City, ID’s trusted provider of garage renovation solutions. We are dedicated to offering you only the best garage products and services in the industry. What’s more, we are also committed to providing you with an installation experience so remarkable, you’ll want to tell your friends about it!

Don’t wait another day to begin your garage renovation! Contact us at 1-208-203-8414 or complete the provided form to schedule your free garage renovation estimate today. We proudly serve Garden City, ID and the surrounding areas in Ada County.

Services We Offer in Garden City

We specialize in garage flooring, storage and accessory services. Why do we focus on these aspects of your garage? When perfected, these elements make the biggest impact. Learn more about our dependable solutions below:

  • Garage Flooring: We offer a Polyaspartic Floor Coating System, in four one-of-a-kind colors, which resembles the look and strength of granite and can be installed in about a day!
  • Garage Storage: Our Storage Solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.
  • Garage Accessories: Our Slatwall Sets, track system and other accessories are crafted to take your garage to the next level.

Effective Garage Flooring Solution in Garden City

The floor can make or break any space, especially your garage. Unlike other areas of your home, your garage floor must be able to handle your vehicle driving over it. That is why it is crucial to select a garage floor coating that will never peel. Not only will our Polyaspartic Floor Coating System never peel, but it also comes with the following benefits:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic

You can count on us to provide you with the best floor coating solution in the industry. Give us a call today at 1-208-203-8414 or fill out the form below to schedule your free estimate!

Garage Storage Solution Specialists Serving Garden City

Has your garage become unrecognizable because of all the clutter? Are you looking to organize your garage, but not sure where to start? Hello Garage of Boise makes that easy, start with us! We offer top-notch storage solutions, like our overhead storage, that are customizable and versatile so that you can design your solutions to fit your unique wants and needs.

Say goodbye to your cluttered garage when you partner with us for storage solutions. Reach out to us today at 1-208-203-8414 or simply click below to schedule your free garage storage estimate in and around Garden City, ID.

Job Stories From Garden City, ID
Get Rid Of Garage Clutter In Garden City, ID

Connor's garage collected a lot of clutter over the years in Garden City, ID. He consulted with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Boise and found the quality of our solutions to be just what he was looking for in his garage. Then, Our Dream Team installed a drop zone, workbench, storage cabinets, vertical bike hooks, a Slatwall and Chocolate Chip polyaspartic floor coating. Schedule your free consultation today!


Make Your Life Easier With A New Garage In Star, ID

A homeowner in Star, ID was tired of always having a dirty garage floor. He heard great things about our polyaspartic flooring and decided to give us a call. His garage makeover began with a free consultation with our Garage Guru from Hello Garage of Boise. Our Guru showed him our commercial-grade flooring and how his garage could immediately go from a dusty old space to a modern-day showroom! After the inspection, they came up with a custom solution that included flooring, overhead lighting and organization to show off his beautiful vehicle. Our garages don't get enough credit for all they do to make our lives a little bit easier; schedule a free consultation today!

Let Us Replace Your Garage Floor In Garden City, ID

Simon wanted to remove the old coating on his garage floor but knew it wasn't a project he wanted to take on himself. He contacted Hello Garage of Boise and felt confident in the abilities of our Dream Team. We removed her epoxy flooring and replaced it with our durable polyaspartic solution. Let us do the hard work and schedule an estimate today!

Our Dream Team Transforms Garage In Garden City, ID

This customer in Garden City, ID had beautiful white baseboards that would perfectly accent our Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic floors. Our Dream Team at Hello Garage of Boise worked around their permanent garage structures to install their polyaspartic floors. We also installed overhead storage to lift their storage items off their floor. Contact us today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!

Customizable Slatwall Systems In Garden City, ID

Our customizable Slatwalls maximize garage storage, are durable and come in various colors. They also come with multiple accessories like hooks, loops and baskets. That's precisely why a homeowner in Garden City, ID contacted our Garage Gurus for better organization in their garage. We installed storage shelves and an 8ft Slatwall Set in the exclusive Gingerbread Color. Begin your garage organization today by scheduling a free, no-obligation with Hello Garage of Boise. 

Business remodel In Garden City, ID

A business owner in Garden City, ID contacted Hello Garage of Boise to help him upgrade the flooring of his restaurant. Our dream team helped him review the full spectrum of polyaspartic garage floor coatings that we have to offer at Hello Garage of Boise of Boise, ID. Call or book online today for a free estimate and inquire about all about our garage and storage options. 

A Full Garage Makeover in Garden City, ID

Beth in Garden City, ID had a garage that needed a lot of help, to say the least. She thought the floor was dingy and a lack of effective storage solutions left the space messy and cluttered. Our Dream Team at Hello Garage of Boise maximized the full spectrum of Hello Garage products to transform Beth's garage.
Hello Garage of Boise carries polyaspartic floor coatings and garage storage solutions, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are built to last and they are beautiful. Slatwall is a genius customizable storage solution for those looking to clean up their messy garage. Do you want the kind of garage perfection that our Garage Gurus brought to life for Beth? Call Hello Garage of Boise today for a free, no-obligation consultation in Garden City and nearby. 

Garage Storage Solutions in Garden City, ID

A homeowner in Garden City, ID had a messy and cluttered garage and contacted Hello Garage of Boise to find answers. Our Garage Gurus helped them envision order and cleanliness using Slatwall and accessories like hooks, baskets, and shelving. Garage organization can make your home feel peaceful and greatly improve your living experience. Get those tools, shovels, brooms, sporting equipment, and other items off the floor with our customizable solutions. Call us today for a free estimate and get ready to transform your garage. 

New Storage in Garden City, ID

A new homeowner in Garden City, ID wanted to upgrade the look and feel of his new home's garage by adding a workbench and storage. Hello Garage of Boise offers a wide array of garage storage products including workbenches to store your tools and the ability to upgrade to butcher block workbench tops. Call us today to set up a free estimate and unlock the possibilities in your garage.  

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